- The Xin Yuan Xin success story

Prins Group has built a 2.2 ha greenhouse for Xin Yuan Xin company in 2015. This project is located in Henan Province, China. This is a turn-key project, almost everything is imported from the Netherlands, only about 10% material came from local companies.

This is the first commercial glass greenhouse in China. There were already many greenhouses in China, but most of them are for research or demonstration purposes. As a commercial business, Prins Group designed the greenhouse especially for Xin Yuan Xin’s needs – we seek for the best possible result and profit.

In 2 years’ time, Xin Yuan Xin project become quite famous and successful in China, because of the advanced technology, food safety, high production and high quality. Every day they have visitors from government, universities, research centers, and companies.

Truss cocktail tomatoes (38g/fruit) are chosen for this project. This cultivar gives nice red color, and a good combination of sweet and sour. The first growing season was from November 2015 till July 2016. Harvesting time was 5 months, which result in 17 kg/m2. Considering all the challenges with training new people, new system for the growers, and difficult weather, it is a big step for Xin Yuan Xin company. This year the growing season is longer than last year, so they expect higher production with at least 23 kg/m2. Harvesting in the cold winter when other plastic greenhouses cannot, especially during the Chinese new year period, that made Xin Yuan Xin more competitive in the market.